No Chip Firmware Pantum BM5100 BM5100adw BM5100fdn BM5100fdw


No Chip Firmware Pantum BM5100 BM5100adw BM5100fdn BM5100fdw To order, follow the instructions in the product description.

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No Chip Firmware Pantum BM5100 BM5100adw BM5100fdn BM5100fdw

No Chip Firmware Pantum BM5100 BM5100adw BM5100fdn BM5100fdw to learn printer information download Pantuminfo.exe .

Pantum M6800FDW get pantum printer informationn

  1. Power on your printer.
  2. Connect the printer cable to the computer.
  3. Run the pantuminfo.exe program. Press the Get data option.
  4. Printer data copy all and paste it in the printer Information box in the buy section above.
  5. After ordering, you will be sent a firmware file in the format BM5100_CDxxxxxxxx.Acl created specifically for your device.pantum reset software
  6. We extract the files from the archive to the desktop as in the example below
  7. We hold the BM5100_CDxxxxxxxx.Acl file with the mouse and leave it on Usbprns2.exe.
  8. Then a MS-Dos window opens and the dots move forward.
  9. After the MS-Dos window advances, Upgr data fw do not shutdown appears on the printer’s screen.upgr Data Fw Do Not Shutdown M6800FDW
  10. The firmware update has started. This process takes 4-6 minutes, do not turn off the printer! Just wait.
  11. The printer will reboot automatically. 100% on screen looks ready. 100% on screen looks ready
  12. Tape or remove the chip of the Toner and Drum unit; Now you can use the printer without a chip.
  13. When I print the printer information page, the toner and drum levels will now be 100%.
  14. Pantum BM5100 firmware fix info



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